Dear Postcrosser ♡

Welcome to our store dedicated to your beautiful hobby! Here you will find a great selection of unique postcards that perfectly complement your passion for postcrossing and collecting cards.

Our themed world is diverse and offers you motifs with animals, dreamlike editions of Tausendschön, creative illustrations as well as impressive landscapes and nature motifs. There is something for every taste!

And the best: If you need postcards or picture postcards in larger quantities than we currently have in stock, no problem! Just send us a short mail with your wishes, and we will take care of getting the desired motifs for you on short notice.

Your ideas and suggestions are important to us! We are very happy about your feedback and your support to improve our store together.

♡ Your Anja ♡

For those who are not familiar with Postcrossing:
Postcrossing is an international project that brings people from all over the world together to exchange postcards with each other. The concept is simple: you send a postcard to a randomly selected postcrosser (postcard lover) somewhere in the world and in return you receive a postcard from another postcrosser. The special thing about it is that you don’t know from whom you will receive a card and from which country it comes.
To participate in Postcrossing, you register on the official website ( and receive a unique ID. With this ID, you write your own address on your chosen postcard and send it off. As soon as the recipient receives the card, he registers it on the website, and through that you are entitled to receive a card from someone else.
Postcrossing allows participants to learn about cultures, languages, and ways of life from around the world. It is a unique way to make friends, explore the world and collect beautiful postcards. The best part is that it’s a surprise what card you will receive and what message will reach you from a distant place in the world.
So grab your postcards and head out to become part of this international community of Postcrossers and experience the joy of exchanging postcards!
Please note that Postcrossing is a standalone project and is not affiliated with our online store.