Hello dear ones ♡
we are a young company, which is still under construction. The idea for this store came from the joy of sending postcards. Vacation greetings by beautiful postcard are a must, but also so we write some cards. On occasions like birthdays or holidays, we send dear greetings to friends, without a specific occasion, just to make them happy.
In the family we also have real postcrossers, ♡ who write with even more passion. Who is not happy when he finds not only bills in the mailbox, but also a postcard with beautiful greetings and messages from all over the world.♡ Of course, it is not always easy to find beautiful postcards in retail stores and certainly not from other regions, so here we would like to expand our offer so that everyone can discover postcards that are special.

In addition, we also offer hula hoops that we make ourselves. Because we have acquired a taste for this hobby, we want to spread it further. Not only postcrossing can be addictive, no also hula hoop. Since I couldn’t even hold the hula hoop for a few rotations as a child, it was my greatest wish to learn it at the age of 54. But many hoops are just too small, so it’s almost impossible to do it and then, unfortunately, you lose the desire. With our hoops, anyone can actually learn to do it and once you get the hang of it, you don’t stop, it’s just too much fun.

With that in mind, have fun,
we look forward to reading and hearing from you, see you soon.

♡ Your Anja ♡